What you need to bring with you to have your taxes prepared
  • Social Security Cards or Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) for all family members
  • Valid picture identification (like a drivers license) for taxpayer and spouse
  • Both spouses MUST be present to sign return if filing a joint return
  • All W-2s and 1099s (if any) for current year; this includes SSA1099 for Social Security Benefits and SSA letter for SSI benefits
  • Form 1095A, B, or C Affordable Care Act health care documentation
  • Form 1098T, and the college’s statement of account showing tuition paid during 2019, if claiming an Education Tax Credit
  • Statement from landlord (with its address & phone) of rent paid during 2019 or paid real estate tax bill if filing for Missouri Circuit Breaker Property Tax Credit
  • Proof of childcare expenses paid including the Name, address and Tax ID number of the provider
  • If using direct deposit, a copy of your check for bank account to which refund(s) will be direct deposited
  • Copy of 2018 return if possible
If possible, your returns will be filed electronically with both the IRS and the State(s).
We strongly recommend any refund be electronically deposited into your bank account.