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About Us

We started with a simple idea and remain true to it. We enlist the help of volunteers to offer free, confidential tax preparation services to low- and middle-income families and individuals to claim available credits and refunds.

Ron Szweda, a community-minded CPA, provided the initiative, persistence, and organizational ability to start the St. Louis Tax Assistance Program (“TAP”) in 1998. TAP began modestly with 40 volunteers who served 184 families at a single site and generated $176,000 in tax refunds. Until his 2014 death, Ron oversaw TAP’s steady growth. In the 25 years since its inception, TAP has built its volunteer corps to over 200, expanded to eight sites, and prepared over 44,000 returns resulting in tax refunds of over $61 million. Click here to see year-by-year results.

Our program has always relied on the enthusiasm and devotion of our volunteers, community partners, and sponsors. As our goals increase and our needs progress, we need your support more than ever to help us continue to serve low- and middle-income people in our community. Additional volunteers are always needed. Visit our Volunteers Page to learn ways that you can help. Opportunities for both tax and non-tax-oriented volunteers are available.

Kathleen Gund
12101 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 300
St. Louis, MO 63141

Bill Wilmering, President
Gina Heagney, Secretary
Tom Brockland, Treasurer
John Gilbert, Vice President
Sarina Strack